Myloi 5, 56403 - Thessaloniki Greece, Tel: 0030 2310 227642


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GYROS DISK Φ17cm. HOLE 25mm 10kgr./box

02108 Diskaki Gyrou

GYROS DISK  Φ17cm. HOLE 25mm 10kgr./box

About us

Butcher Equip has been active in the craft sector for years, having as sole purpose the proper and immediate service of all traders, butchers and hotels in Greece and abroad.

Immediacy and sincerity are the main feature that our customers give us around the world, and what makes us more responsible to you.


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Myloi 5, Eukarpia

P.O. Box 51538

P.C. 56403, Tsessaloniki - Greece

Tel.| Fax: 0030 2310 227642

Mob.: 0030 6947 806591

Whatsapp: 0030 6947 806591


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